At the Aquaterra Institute of Peace, we're on a mission to bring Peace To Every Mind® offering the 33-Day Peacemakers eCourse and training 10,000 Peacemakers as the tipping point for world peace. With God, we believe anything is possible! Students will learn three new methods to awaken their divine human potential:

  • Peace BEE nourishes the body with the breath of life and brings harmony to body, mind, and spirit
  • 6-Step Peace Process is one heartfelt thought of peace programmed on a simple model of the mind
  • The new Peace Consciousness illustrates a mind joined with source energy and free from ego
Elaine Marie Christine

Hi, I’m Elaine Marie Christine

They say when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. It's been a BIG DREAM to teach 10,000 Peacemakers as the tipping point for world peace. I'm author of The Peace Prophecy trilogy, host of the World Peace Telesummit, and dedicated to uplifting humanity to the new Peace Consciousness.

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This course is for you if . . .

  • Your ducks aren't flying in the same direction, and you need to take a deep breath and START OVER
  • You want to be forever changed and BREAK THROUGH THE FEAR of lack in your life and being stuck
  • To LEARN THE PEACE PROCESS, which is brilliant, practical, and in alignment with UNIVERSAL LAW
  • To GET RID OF STRESS by sending love to those who caused it for you, to reconcile, and TO HEAL
  • You're ready to MOVE ON with your life, to TRUST MORE in yourself and your HIGHER POWER

"I’ve had several sessions with Elaine and each time I leave with more inspiration, hope and confidence and I know the exact steps I need to take to move my life and business forward. I highly recommend a session to get the clarity you need to move your life forward!"

- Leigh Ann Betts, Canmore, Alberta, Canada

Leigh Ann Betts